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Women’s Rights in the Workplace

A lecture on women’s rights in the workplace (and in general) will take place at the Golden Age Club on 26 October at 20:00. Sponsored by the Ma’ale Adumim Women’s Council, the Hebrew-language lecture will be given by Ofra Belven, the executive … Continue reading

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Ma’ale Adumim City Stats

Ma’ale Adumim: Young, Smart, and Dynamic Ma’ale Adumim’s first residents began moving into permanent housing during 1982. One year later, there were already 3,500 residents living here, a figure that has increased tenfold in less than three decades. Here’s the … Continue reading

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Free Counseling Services in English (and Russian, and French, and Spanish, and Amharic)

Sherut Eeyutz L’ezrach (SHELI) in Ma’ale Adumim offers city residents free counseling in a number of important areas, such as workplace relations, pre-judicial counseling, Bituach Leumi, filling out forms and helping to translate documents, housing, disputes between neighbors, consumer issues, … Continue reading

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Important News regarding MA – JLM Bus Lines

Questions remain regarding the future operation of a number of Egged bus lines, especially the 120, 122, 124 and 126. Due to contract stipulations between the Ministry of Transportation and the Jerusalem mass-transportation authorities that operate the electric train, all … Continue reading

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Peak Preparedness for PA’s Bid for Statehood

Question: What scenario can Ma’ale Adumim residents expect following a UN recognition of Palestinian statehood? Answer: No one knows for sure, which means security officials are preparing for everything. The Israeli police force, along with the IDF are on full … Continue reading

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Where The New Buses Go

Here are the routes of the new internal school bus lines: Line 11: Hairit, Tzemach Hasadeh, Midbar Yehuda, the middle school. Line 12: Egged Terminal, Derech Kedem, Nofei Selah, Hachalmish, Harekes, Almog, B’dolach, Nofei Selah, Hashoham, Hagazit, Hatzur, Hatzifhah, Harekes, Derech … Continue reading

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Chess Club Looking for New Members

Looking for a challenge? Want to test your wits? Or improve your strategic thinking abilities? If so, then joining Ma’ale Adumim’s chess club may be for you. “Whether you’re 9 or 90 years old, everyone’s welcome to join,” said Deputy … Continue reading

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Hebrew Ulpan Opening in Ma’ale Adumim

The Ma’ale Adumim Municipality, in conjunction with the Ministry of Education, will be opening a five-month Hebrew ulpan for new immigrants from English-speaking countries. Olim who have been in Israel less than three years and have not yet used their … Continue reading

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10,400 Children Return to School

School year 2011-2012 began without a hitch, as 10,400 city schoolchildren returned to their classrooms. Of them, 2,100 are in the kindergarten framework (hova and trom hova), and 8,300 are school aged children (Grades Aleph to Yud-Bet), evenly distributed between elementary (4,300) and secondary (4,000) … Continue reading

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Adopt A Soldier

The Association for the Wellbeing of Israel’s Soldiers (AWIS) is reaching out to local families who would be interested in adopting a lone soldier (Hayil Boded). According to Shmuel Pniel, AWIS’s chairman, the goal is to host the soldier for Shabbatot and … Continue reading

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