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Photos of the Annual Ma’ale Adumim Olive Harvest

Hi Everyone! This morning was the first annual Ma’ale Adumim Olive Harvest. Thanks! to Shelley Brinn of Tour Adumim and the city staff for making it happen. I took photos of the event and posted them online at: Enjoy … Continue reading

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Photos of Second Hakafot in Ma’ale Adumim

Hi Everyone! Tonight, Monday night after chag in Israel, I took photos of the Second Hakafot in the S’deh Chemed schoolyard in Ma’ale Adumim. I posted the photos online at: Enjoy the photos and please share with friends. Thanks! … Continue reading

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Photos of the Children’s Sukkot Parade in Ma’ale Adumim

Hi Everyone! Today, Musar Avicha had their annual children’s Sukkot parade. The parade took place in the Klei Shir neighborhood and finished with a gathering at Rav Katz’s sukka. I took photos of the festive event and posted them at: … Continue reading

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Ma’ale Adumim Sukkot Events 5777 / 2016

Hi Everyone! The annual Children’s Sukkot Parade will take place Tuesday of Chol Hamoed – October 18 It starts at Musar Avicha at 6:05 pm (mincha at 5:50pm) and we will dance and sing around the neighbourhood ending up at … Continue reading

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