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The “Yoreh” Arrived — Right on Schedule!

The first, serious, cats-‘n-dogs rainfall of the season fell on Thursday night/Friday morning in perfect timing: the date, according to the Hebrew calendar was Zayin B’Cheshvan, when Jews in Israel began praying for rain. On average, Ma’ale Adumim receives 440 … Continue reading

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Excerpts of Interview with Avi Elkaim, Chairman of the Mishor Adumim Industrialists Union

The Hebrew-language weekly Ma’ale Adumim featured an interview with Avi Elkaim, Chairman of the Mishor Adumim Industrialists Union and owner of the “Avi B’Mishor” restaurant (27 October 2011). Here are two highlights: Regarding property taxes: “It’s no secret that we … Continue reading

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Mayor Kashriel Back From Tri-City Fundraising Tour in USA

While most of us in MA spent our Succot holiday relaxing at home or vacationing with our families, Mayor Beni Kashriel spent his on a lightning-quick fundraising tour of three cities on the eastern seaboard of the USA: Marietta and … Continue reading

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NoSee’Ems – Sandfly Bite Prevention

Residents of the Adumim bloc, especially those in areas adjoining the desert and/or construction sites are urged to take extra precautions against the pesky sandfly. Often called “no-see-‘ums” due to their small size, sandflies pack a bite that can lead to serious … Continue reading

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How Now Rav-Kav

The Education Department of MA distributed a letter to parents of children who attend school in Jerusalem explaining that from the first of November the only option for travel on buses and the light rail will be through the Rav-Kav … Continue reading

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Proceed with Caution ON DERECH KEDEM: Residents are advised that roadwork will be taking place on Derech Kedem in order to improve pedestrian and driver safety near the M.A. mall. Construction is expected to take two months. ON HANECHALIM, HAUGAV, … Continue reading

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Rami Levy Wins “BIG” in Mishor Adumin

While the city’s residential building projects remain in government-mandated deep-freeze, MA.’s industrial building is moving full steam ahead. Recently, Rami Levy, owner of the Shivuk Hashikmah supermarket chain, placed the winning bids on two properties in the Mishor Adumim industrial area … Continue reading

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ReCycle Your ‘Cycle – For a Good Cause!

Working in conjunction with M.A.’s social welfare department, Itzik Bicycles (Tzemach Hasadeh Center) and City Councilman Gili Cohen have implemented an unusual campaign: they are distributing bicycles to children of economically disadvantaged families. “Every resident that has a bicycle that … Continue reading

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Parent Patrol (Sayeret Horim)

Do you know where your kids are late at night, when everyone’s asleep? On the one hand you rely on your teenagers, but on the other hand, do you really know what they’re doing, and with whom they’re hanging out? … Continue reading

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Planned Building Projects in Ma’ale Adumim

One of the more ambitious building projects on tap is the planned transformation of the junction between Kikar Yahalom and the MA mall into a cultural and leisure meeting place. With the upcoming dedication of the music conservatory, and the … Continue reading

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