Sukkot Events in Ma’ale Adumim

Sukkot Festival Events at the Lake

On Oct 2 (Tuesday) there will be transportation from city hall to the lake between 19:00-20:30 and going back starting at 22:00

Sukkot Festival Events at the Lake

Annual Simchat Torah Parade for children
Tuesday – October 2 – 5:15pm

The first day of Chol Hamoed, Beit Knesset Musar Avicha
is having its annual Simchat Torah Parade for children.

It starts at Musar Avicha at 5:15 pm (mincha at 5:00)
and we will dance and sing around the neighbourhood
ending up at Rav Katz’s sukkah for a mini Simchat Hashoeva.

All are invited.

The kids love the parade with Rav Menachem Ofir and
really enjoy going to Rav Katz’s sukkah.

Please bring tambourines, drums and Sifrei torah if you have.

Sukkot Children's Parade

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