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Posting a Message to the MAchat Message Board and Mailing List

The MAchat message board / list is for the residents of the city of Ma'ale Adumim, and their friends and relatives, to share useful information or to request needed information. MAchat is the place to buy or sell furniture, a car, appliances or books, post a job listing, rent apartments, publicize a community event, etc.

MAchat is actively moderated. This means posts are screened before they are posted. Please be patient, as messages may not appear for a few hours.

Please Do Not capitalize all letters in the subject.

Political statements, gossip (lashon harah), inspirational or religious materials, and jokes are NOT allowed!

Business owners outside of Ma'ale Adumim may post a free short business offer once a month. The posting must be relevant to Ma'ale Adumim residents.

All messages for MAchat should be sent to:

with one of the following keywords in the beginning of the subject:

Event: To publicize an event coming up (posting once a week if in MA)
Food: Publicize your food offerings (once a week for MA based)
Forsale: Stuff for sale (keyword without a space between "for" and "sale">
Found: You found something and are looking for its owner
Free: To give away something (physical item, Not a service)
Info: To offer valuable information to the community
Jobopp: Help wanted, for positions available
Jobseek: Looking for employment
Lost: You lost something
Mitzvah: For goodwill efforts for individuals or the community
Question: To ask the members a question
Rental: Publicize your apartment for rent in MA (no agents)
Seeking: Same as "wanted"
Seeking Recommendation: Looking for a recommendation
Service: Publicize your business
Wanted: Goods or services or information wanted

IMPORTANT: Unexpected important announcements (ie: funeral, shiva)

Add 3-8 words after the subject keyword.
Please DO NOT just have a keyword in the subject
Please DO NOT have a subject that wraps to 2 lines.
both cause me more editing work
The full messages should be in the body of the email.

Posts without subject headers (subject keyword and at least 3 words)
will not be accepted.

All messages to post on MAchat must be in English.
Hebrew messages or mixed language messages will not be posted.

Attachments are not allowed on MAchat.
Please do not send any message with attachments.
You are welcome to provide in the message links to your website
or blog for pictures related to the message.
Links should not be longer than 60 characters and
can not contain spaces or question marks.
For long links or links with question marks use a URL shortner like:

Emails will be sent to the list 1-2 times a day.
(usually early afternoon and at late night)
Each email will include header information about the MAchat message:
sender, subject keyword, subject text, date, time,
with a link to the full message on the website.

If you are publicizing an event, please announce it at least 48 hours before the event.

If you need to post a Funeral or Shiva message,
email the message AND contact Jacob by phone.
Jacob will send out the message as soon as possible
including all details online and in the email message.
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