Lag Ba’Omer Parade and Magic Show

Hi Everyone!

Today (18th of Iyar, Sunday April 28) there will be a
short Lag Ba’omer parade at 16:00 starting from
Beit Chabad (bottom of Kikar Yahalom) to the Canion.
The parade is approved and will have a police escort.

Everyone marching should wear a hat and bring a water bottle.
If you have, you can also bring a musical instrument or noise maker.
After the parade, in the Canion, there will be a free magic show.
If you would like to participate in the raffle, tickets will be 5 shekels.
Prizes include an electric skooter, a bicycle and more….


Happy Lag Ba’Omer!

Below is the Hebrew flyer for the event.

Lag Ba'omer Parade Flyer

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