Important News regarding MA – JLM Bus Lines

Questions remain regarding the future operation of a number of Egged bus lines, especially the 120, 122, 124 and 126. Due to contract stipulations between the Ministry of Transportation and the Jerusalem mass-transportation authorities that operate the electric train, all bus lines running parallel to the train are due to be terminated.

According to Deputy Mayor Boris Grossman, holder of the transportation portfolio in the MA Municipality, “we gave ministry officials the results of a survey we conducted recently showing high bus¬†usage among MA residents, as well as a steady 10% increase in bus transportation each year.

Here is a list of bus lines and where they currently stand:

120 – MA to Kikar Safra – in danger of termination
121 – MA to HU Mt Scopus campus – to continue during academic school year
122 – MA to Government District and Givat Shaul – continuation in question
123 – MA to Har Hotzfim – to continue
124 – MA to Talpiot – in danger of termination
126 – from Mahane Yehuda and the center of town to MA – in danger of termination

Lines of the 170 series will detour to the Ammunition Hill bus terminus before returning to Eshcol Boulevard and the completion of their routes. Passengers continuing their commute on the train will disembark at Ammunition Hill.

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4 Responses to Important News regarding MA – JLM Bus Lines

  1. Iris Blank says:

    when are these bus changes due to take place?

  2. Bryna Lee Jacobson says:

    Thank you very much for providing important updates in English. Kol Hakavod to you and to Jacob for having the vision to include such a feature. This is really worth clicking on… and I especially thank Jacob for his head-up about important issues to take a look at when he sends out the MA-chat digest.

  3. Bryna Lee Jacobson says:

    any update on the situation with the bus lines and what we can do to make sure we get to keep them, especially the 124?

    • Channa Coggan says:

      Bryna – Thanks for writing. There is no official update regarding the fate of Line 124. The best thing you and other concerned commuters can do is to plead your case directly to Egged’s public liaison. Go to their “Tzur Kesher” internet page (here’s the link: and write or call the liaison for the Jerusalem area
      02-5304962. The more people who write or call, the better the chances they’ll listen.

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