Thursday March 5: Purim Adloyada Parade in Ma’ale Adumim

Hi Everyone!

On Thursday, March 5, there will be a Purim parade in Ma’ale Adumim.
The parade starts at 10:30am in front of the Matnas.
The theme of the parade this year is “Children’s Stories”

The parade route is:
Matnas to the intersection near the library,
up to the intersection near the gas station,
right turn and walk past the mall to the intersection near city hall,
down Har Hatzofim road (road toward lake),
into the youth park from the its back entrance.

There will be a big Purim happening in the youth park after the parade.
Entertainment will include acrobatics, singers and a performance by Orna Datz.
There will be activities and food booths and inflatable structures for the kids.

You can view photos of past years parades using the links near the bottom of:

Below is the Hebrew announcement for the event.


Happy Purim!

Hebrew Flyer for Ma'ale Adumim Purim Parade

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