Safety and Environmental Tips for Lag Ba’omer

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Tonight is Lag Ba’omer and there will be thousands of bonfires all over the country. During Lag Ba’omer, the air pollution is 18 times above the average. The Ma’ale Adumim environment group published a list of safety and environment awareness tips. Following the tips will lessen the risks to the environment and your health.

– Choose a spot for your campfire which is clear of trees and bushes
and is a distance from building areas.

– Surround the fire area with rocks.

-It is forbidden to burn processed wood (chipboard or plywood) or industrial
or painted wood. Only burn natural wood.

– Do not throw into the fire plastic bottles, disposable items, nylon bags,
cans, styrofoam, glass, iron. Burning these items are dangerous and
can cause cancer.

– Sit a safe distance from the campfire in order to avoid inhaling pollutants
that cause breathing problems and to avoid sparks from the fire.

– It is recommended to keep a bottle of water nearby in case of need.

– At the end, make sure to completely extinguish the fire and embers.
Did you enjoy? You are urged to leave the area clean of trash.

– Did you know that a shared campfire (less campfires) lowers the
air pollution in a considerable way.

Would you like to join the Ma’ale Adumim clean environment group?
Contact: Ortal at 050-848-6997

For educational resources about Lag Ba’omer visit:

Enjoy the bonfires!

Happy Lag Ba’omer!

Safety and Environmental Tips for Lag Ba'omer

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